83-day Death By Radiation Poisoning

 Hisashi Ouchi Suffered an 83-day Death By Radiation Poisoning

Japan, 35-year-old Hisashi Ouchi

two other workers were purifying uranium oxide to make fuel rods for a research reactor.

As this account published a few months later in The Washington Post details

Ouchi was standing at a tank, holding a funnel

while a co-worker named Masato Shinohara poured a mixture of intermediate-enriched uranium oxide into it from a bucket.

Suddenly, they were startled by a flash of blue light

the first sign that something terrible was about to happen.

The workers, who had no previous experience in handling uranium with that level of enrichment

inadvertently had put too much of it in the tank

as this 2000 article in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists details.

As a result, they inadvertently triggered what's known in the nuclear industry as a criticality accident

a release of radiation from an uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction.