I Am Groot: Season 1 Review

I Am Groot, from Kirsten Lepore (Adventure Time's stop-motion "Bad Jubies" episode)

is a sweet series of dialogue-free detours featuring a Baby Groot letting his curiosity lead the way toward mirthful micro-adventures.

These fun, mischievous morsels are adorable as an animated offshoot of the MCU but also

contain a quirky dark humor thanks to Groot's own temper and penchant for getting punchy.

For those concerned with canon, no matter how superfluous the project, the events take place between Guardians Vols.

1 and 2, focusing on Groot's regrowth from sapling form, featuring the pint-size hero

for the most part -- as he was seen in Vol. 2. He's feisty

Vin Diesel reprises his voice work here for the most ridiculous and rambunctious version of Groot yet.

I Am Groot may seem slight given how few episodes there are, and how quickly they go by,

but there's a loveliness to these minisodes -- a warped beauty stemming from Groot's weirdness and occasional lack of conscience.

ust about every chapter gets capped off with a "twist" of sorts, wherein Groot's wild card pettiness wins out.